Go play P&G Product Pursuit!

In the Fall 2011 semester I was part of a Capstone team that developed a game: “P&G Product Pursuit” (http://www.experiencepg.com/pgproductpursuit/) for Cincinnati, Ohio-based Procter & Gamble’s recruitment website. The game, which went live February 27, 2012, was created to help P&G grow its employment brand, appeal to Generation Y students’ affinity for playing easy but addictive online games, and attract applicants to P&G by learning about the company’s brands and career opportunities.

The P&G Product Pursuit game places users in a supermarket with the task of collecting as many P&G products as possible while attempting to avoid various supermarket-style obstacles. At the end of the game, the users learn a fun fact about P&G and its job opportunities or receive an award which details one of P&G’s sustainability efforts.

After putting in many hours, we are really excited to see that all our hard work was worth it and that the game has gone live. So far the highest score we’ve seen is 108,900; think you can beat it?


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