Summer Intern Blog Series #3 — Kaylie Hill

This past week I have been building a data model for my main project this summer. Qlikview uses a data model called a dimensional data model, which is based upon a snowflake or star schema with one or more fact tables in the middle. It took me a few hours to really study how this data model should work being that I’m not used to using this type of approach. However, once I started building it out and joining tables together, it wasn’t so bad after all. I also started another project this week that deals with NPrinting. NPrinting is enables Altec to create great looking reports quickly, in a range of formats including Microsoft Office and PDFs, using data and analytics from QlikView applications. My project is to create an Altec NPrinting dashboard that shows what reports went to whom and when they were sent out. Right now all that information is in XML files; therefore, I have to figure out a way to decode it in QlikView. So far, it’s going well.

One word to sum up my week: trial-and-error. I learned that you don’t always build a data model in QlikView once and it turns out perfect. It took many trial and error runs and many test applications open at a time to figure it out. I feel like it is finally starting to come along nicely!


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