Summer Intern Blog Series #4 — Kaylie Hill

The week is behind me and believe me, it has been a wild one. My data model finally came together and I began building my dashboard for my EDI project. I began to study how Altec does QlikView dashboards; formatting, layout, etc. All of Altec’s Qlikview dashboards have a uniform style; which are very clean in my opinion. My internal Altec client decided it might be better to have two different applications, two different dashboards. One that shows EDI analytics and EDI errors, and another that shows EDI metrics. The metrics app will help Altec decide who they should begin doing EDI with based on current supplier invoices and purchase orders. Trying not to overwhelm myself with two different applications, I decided to only focus on the EDI analytics app for a few days and then start working on the EDI metrics app. In between working on those two applications, I am also working on my QlikView Nprinting application.  I have taken part in many internships over the summers, and most of the time I was only working on one project over the entire summer. Altec has challenged me with three projects this summer, and given me a glimpse of the real world.

This week I got to go to an accounting meeting with two of my business intelligence team members. I got to meet two of the head accounting guys at Altec and spoke with them about building an application to show all of Altec’s accounting records in Qlikview. That’s going to be a cool app!

One word to sum up my week: time management. I learned that I am going to have to manage my time perfectly in order to complete these three projects before I leave in a few weeks. The next few weeks are going to be a roller coaster of a ride!


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