Summer Intern Blog Series #5 — Kaylie Hill

My final week at Altec is about to come to a close ☹. I will probably miss the people here the most. They are really great, genuine people. Altec does not have any open positions as of present to offer me a full time job. However, they are constantly expanding, and plan on having a position open for me by the time December rolls around. Honestly, I would love to work here. It’s a great place to be.

Many of my weeks here have been very educational for me but one really sticks out in my mind when I think about it. That week would be my last week here. I have learned so much over this past week. The biggest trait I learned is presentation skills. I presented the final version of my main project I have been working on all summer to senior management. Granted I had some great mentors to guide me, I feel like senior management was really impressed with my final product. And most importantly, I saved Altec money and provided a valuable product to their EDI administrators.

I love to work, I always have. I love the routine of it. But, thinking about graduating kind of makes my heart sink. I will miss my friends and all my professors. Thinking back on it, I’m kind of glad I ended up staying an extra semester. More importantly, I’m glad my final semester will be a fall semester (aka football season)!

This summer has been great! And when I say great I mean GREAT! This past summer has been one of my favorite summers to date. I have been very blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to work at such a prestigious company like Altec. So thank you, Altec!


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