Student Internship: FedEx

The last two weeks at FedEx have been very interesting. I had another meeting with two of the managers in my office about what functionality they want out of the Shipment Analyzer tool I’m rebuilding and what they want the front end to look like. I had been working hard on the queries and stored procedures for about two weeks before this meeting took place. However when I left the meeting I realized that I would not be able to use much of what I had been working on because the revamped tool would require completely different queries and stored procedures than the ones I had so far created. So for the last two weeks I’ve been working on building newer, simpler, more efficient stored procedures that accommodate the new requirements.

I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool FedEx activities in the last two weeks as well. I toured the Customer Service Center, which was kind of mind-blowing. They showed us the different areas than managed different types of calls, such as international shipping service calls, high-priority client calls, and simple customer inquiries. The employees there work extremely hard. I was able to listen in on a few calls and watch the customer service representative use the highly complex call-monitoring and package information system. The speed at which these employees work with the system is baffling. Earlier this week, I had a luncheon with our department VP, Mark Columbo, and the other interns from FedEx Solutions. It was really laid back, even though we were having direct contact with a high-ranking manager in this company. He had lots of questions for us about where we were from, what we were learning at FedEx, what we saw that could be improved. We also had the chance to ask him questions. It was kind of like an extremely small AIMES meeting. I also toured the FedEx Ground Hub this week, which was challenging in heels, and extremely hot, but completely worth it. FedEx Ground is accounting for more and more of FedEx’s business as the low-cost provider in a down economy. Unlike the FedEx Express Hub, there are very few actual employees in the Ground Hub. The technology is much newer at Ground, being that they are a newer addition to the company than Express. The system is much more automated, and handles the packages more gently and in a more organized fashion. All of these improvements are what makes Ground a growing sector of the FedEx corporation. Businesses can save lots of money by using FedEx Ground, and they also get excellent package care and speed that is comparable with Express. It’s really a fascinating company, and I’m really enjoying it here.

–Anna Claire Reid


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