Student Internship: Home Depot

Hello again from the people in orange over here at The Home Depot! I just finished my seventh week here at THD and I love my experience here more and more each day. This week was jammed pack with many intern events as well as project related work.

Last Tuesday, all of the interns and mentors participated in an Intern Fun Day where we got to participate in different sports with other interns from IT, Merchandising, Supply Chain, and Finance. Seeing that most of us are spread throughout the company on a daily basis, it was a great time to get to know my fellow interns while having an afternoon off! (And of course my team dominated in volleyball!) Later in the week, we had two Intern Town halls with guest speakers Marvin Ellison and Craig Menear. Marvin is The Home Depot’s Executive Vice President of U.S. Stores and Craig Menear is The Home Depot’s Executive Vice President of Merchandising. Both Marvin and Craig shared inspiring stories of how they got to where they are today and they also shared words of encouragement as we get close to graduating and starting our careers. Marvin challenged us all to use our “uniqueness” to set ourselves apart in the work force. His words especially inspired me as an officer of Women in Information Technology.

The project I have been assigned to for the summer gets more and more interesting as the time goes on. The further we get into the Discovery phase, the more key stakeholders are identified. Acting as the delivery team for a third party vendor, my team faces the daily challenge of keeping all the key decision makers of every work stream aligned. Making sure the right decision makers are in the right room at the right time is key as we focus on executing a developed plan for the delivery of the project.

I also had the opportunity last week to do a little video assignment of my own. I mentioned to one of our internship directors that I had some experience with making YouTube videos from a Presentations class I took. This landed me the responsibility to direct a YouTube video displaying a new technology that is currently in its Beta stage. With the help of a video team, and my willing mentor and his wife, and my wonderful HR directors, we filmed a short video clip displaying a proof of concept commercial for the Senior Vice President of IT. With a tough deadline of two days, we were able to come up with a concept, film the video, and edit it in time and she loved it! It was nerve racking and also very exciting to be assigned such a project!

Still fighting my love/hate relationship with Atlanta traffic although I have finally learned my way around the city after living here for almost 2 months! And a big ROLL BRAVES from the good ole Peach State!

–Bridget Williams


2 responses to “Student Internship: Home Depot

  1. This is terrific, Bridget! I’m assuming you did the video for Dr. Greer’s class. We love to hear how your management communication coursework prepares you for the workplace. And, of course, we want to hear if we’ve missed something important, too. Keep on truckin’ . . .

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