AIS Conference

On April 9-11, we were lucky enough to host the 2015 AIS Leadership Conference.  The conference featured noted speakers from industry leaders, executives and fellow students.  Corporate partners included: PWC, Microsoft, Unum, Lowes, and the State of Alabama.  The conference was designed to develop MIS student leaders, and provide the opportunity to develop relationships that can be leveraged.  We would like to thank everyone involved in the 2015 AIS Leadership Conference.

To the student participants: thank you for attending, competing in ideation workshops, and working with one-another during group activities.  The AIS Conference is about coming together to build successful unified AIS student chapters around the world, and this would not be possible without your drive to Be Exceptional.

To the AIS executives: thank you for your guidance, your insight, and choosing to host this year’s conference here at the University of Alabama.

The theme this year was strategy and value proposition for our Student Chapters.  Student leaders from all over North America came to present their strategies.  Representatives from Unum’s Innovation Division conducted an “ideation” workshop for all the students, randomly placing the students on 19 different teams.  Our first step was to identify common problems and opportunities between our Student Chapters, writing each on a sticky-note and posting it on the easel.  We then grouped the problems/opportunities based on category, and voted which idea(s) were the most Viable, Desirable, and Feasible.  The next step was developing our best idea(s) into an application that would increase student participation and overall success of our Student Chapters.  We also created a story board for our applications using user stories.  Our last activity was to create an action plan to implement the material created in the “ideation” workshop into our Student Chapters for the coming semester.  The workshop was incredibly insightful, challenging, and valuable for all the students that participated.


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