MIS 560: Semester Wrap-Up

It’s the end of the semester, and next week, we’ll be having our final stage gates. Things are finally winding down in MIS 560.

During the last part of the semester, we have switched from a focus on our team projects to individual projects. When the work on the team project began to settle, we were given an individual project in which we built a game of “PIG” in java. Never heard of the game? Most of us hadn’t either. It’s a multiplayer game that involves a lot of dice rolling. We actually wrapped up that project about a week ago. While we were finishing the “PIG” project up, we were given our final project. We are building a database to help track and report basketball stats. Not only are we designing a SQL database, but we are also building a Java application that will read in text files of the information and edit the database accordingly. This project really brings together everything we’ve learned over the course of the semester.

For example, in the beginning of the semester, we learned how to gather requirements from a client. We took those requirements and connected them to different functions and processes within our projects. In doing so, we communicated our progress with our client, asked clarifying questions, and presented our own ideas. For our final project, Jeff gave us a list of requirements, as you would for a normal final project. But don’t think we got off so easy. Through our analysis, we have been required to connect his requirements to the different technical parts of the project. We quickly defined a scope, and we have since found ourselves adding requirements based on how Jeff told us he wanted the project to work overall.

We are also using the skills we learned to create linear SQL databases. Earlier in the semester we learned how to visually represent these databases with Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) and then translate those diagrams into working databases. In this final project, we are using these skills to create a database that tracks and reports basketball tournament statistics.

In addition to our SQL skills, we are also using what we learned from our delve into basic Java coding. With Java, we used class diagrams and IPOs to map out our code. In this final project, we are creating an application that will connect to the aforementioned database. The application is expected to add, delete, and change entries. Jeff said we can even get extra points if we can make it print out stats for individual players in a report.

This project may sound simple to other MIS or CS students, but honestly, if you had told me that I would be doing this about a semester ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. Throughout this whole class, we have been pushed to develop so many skills, knowing that they will benefit us immensely in the coming year and in our careers. It’s been tough, but I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and all of the support and encouragement that both the faculty and my classmates have given me.


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