Capstone: Med+Pass Team

Med+Pass was founded by three University of Alabama alumni in 2014, with the goal of improving front office medical processes by digitizing paper-based forms. Med+Pass Health is a start-up company that has been fostered by UA MIS through their evolution as a company. They recently went live at Auburn University’s campus and plan to have 10-20 new schools signed by the end of this summer. They use a cloud-based technology platform that streamlines the process of collecting and verifying health information of incoming students.

Med+Pass has sponsored three capstone projects: the initial creation of their web service (Spring 2014), adding OCR functionality and refinement of web service (Fall 2015), and, this semester’s project, designing an intuitive Android and iOS application based on the core functionality of the Med+Pass website. More specifically, we are working on handing over an app that Med+Pass can build off on for the future endeavors and implementing a camera feature that will be able to capture an image of an immunization form and upload it to Med+Pass’ database. The value that we are delivering by producing these apps are streamlining the immunization process and delivering the ability to access immunization information on a mobile platform.


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