MIS 120: Mid Semester Update

It doesn’t seem that long ago when we were just starting to get our feet wet with C++. Now it seems that while loops and if statements are just common knowledge. Jeff and his team of Teaching Assistants have done a great job to get us to this point. They have all done a great job integrating the business world into the technology world. They teach us in a way that allows us to have freedom to continue at our own level and add some creativity along the way.

Currently, we are working on our fifth programming assignment and we were just assigned our final project on Wednesday. Programming Assignment five requires us to use “arrays of structs” and bubble sorting to print a list of students names, high school, and exam grade. We had to sort the list based off of what high school they went to and take an average from each High school. This project is due on Monday March 30th.

We have one final project left in MIS 120 then our class, the final project is a collaboration of all of the knowledge we have accumulated over the past few months. It is an ultimate test of our knowledge and I believe Jeff and his team have prepared us for it. As the Semester is more than half way over I can’t help but think about what comes next. Whatever it may be I know I can say with confidence that we have been prepared for it, not just in MIS 120 but Dr. David Hale and his class MIS 295 as well. I look forward to the weeks and semesters to come.


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