MIS 295: Mid Semester Update

Hello! At this point in the semester, we have finished project one, and we are almost done with project two. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. When I sit back and think about the beginning of the semester it seems like it was ages ago.

Project one consisted of 295 students incorporating a new application onto a personal robot. This project taught us the beginning stages of determining the goal and value for our projects. We learned about work-centered analysis (WCA), value chains, and the phases of a project.

Project two consisted of creating a procedural methodology. We were given a previous methodology and we were required to tailor the methodology to fit the scope of this project. In this project, once we had a working methodology, we had to meet with our client A.K.A. grader to create a website to their liking. We had to incorporate our methodology when working with our client. We were also required to meet with our client three times, and incorporate the five phases into our three meetings. This project took a lot of preparation, because there were so many documents that had to be presented at our client meetings. Client meetings were only for getting the necessary information to fill in our methodology.

This project requires working well with others, and having a good flow to deliver the client requirements.

MIS 295 is teaching us everyday how crucial time management is. Several deadlines begin to overlap, on top of other classes and activities. The workload is very heavy, and project one really helped students understand the definition of hard work in this major. After project one we received our rankings. For some people, the rankings were a wake up call, and for others it was a reward for the hard work they have put in thus far. Rankings incorporate the competitive nature of this profession into our classwork. It is almost time for project three, and if it is anything like the two previous projects, I know we have a lot of work on our hands! You’ve got to work hard to be able to play hard. Dr. Hale is teaching us this everyday. He is preparing us to be the most valuable MIS professionals we can be, and I know all the work he throws at us will payoff in the long run.


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