Capstone: AutoZone

Our client for this semester is AutoZone. AutoZone is a leader in the auto parts retailer industry leveraging technology and strong business growth to maintain its competitive advantage. AutoZone is based in Memphis, TN with 5,200 stores operating in 48 states, Mexico, and Brazil.

AutoZone has a unique architecture relying heavily on Service Oriented Architecture, or SoA. AutoZone has recently gone into mobile application development, but only for customer-facing applications. Currently, they have no internal applications, such as HR or workflow, for their employees located in their corporate office in Memphis. One issue in particular is the inability for employees to find contact information offsite or in the event of an emergency affecting the corporate office. Currently, the only means of accessing contact information is through an HR desktop application.

AutoZone has requested that our team explore solutions to internal-facing mobile application and develop a mobile application design framework for future internal applications. We also have to implement our framework in the form of an HR mobile directory application allowing access to contact information offsite which solves the problem stated earlier.

Our approach was to design a native-web hybrid application, which will make use of the cross-platform nature of web based applications while providing the look and feel of a native application. Another part of our project centers around AutoZone’s SoA and requires us to design the various services located on their servers necessary to allow data to flow from AutoZone’s secure network to the mobile application. Our mobile application design pattern will allow AutoZone to rapidly develop consistent and maintainable applications.


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