UA MIS Affinity Group: CMISS

CMISS is the Capstone Minority Information Systems Society. CMISS is working diligently this semester to put on events just for you! Everyone is welcome! If you are looking to get involved with an affinity group or just an opportunity to go to some cool events, CMISS has two new events coming up.

CMISS is introducing a new speaker series. The goal of the speaker series is to introduce students to people that have overcome adversity and are excelling in the workplace. Our first speaker is Justin Smith, former CMISS president and graduate of the MIS Program. Justin is very involved in Wal-Mart’s diversity program, and is Wal-Mart’s most promising employee in the nation. We encourage all students to keep an eye out for future speakers. The speaker series is another opportunity for students to learn more about companies and network in a smaller setting.

Next, calling all basketball fans (or anyone looking for a good time)!! Thursday, March 27th, CMISS will be helping to put on a March Madness event for students. Students will have the opportunity to watch the Regional tournament during NCAA March Madness. If you have homework, do not worry! This will be an event where students can meet up with other MIS students to network and get help with projects and code. Food will be served! See you there!


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