Capstone: CCS K2 Workflow Team

Our client for this semester is the University Of Alabama College Of Continuing Studies. The college allows current students, former students, high school students, and different organizations to pursue their education. The college creates classes that are both online and blended courses for convenience for all groups that wish to use the services of the college.

The current process to create courses is a paper process where users fill out information on forms and pass the paper forms around to acquire the proper sign off and signatures of all the parties involved. This is time consuming hard to manage as there is no way to see who has done what task and no online record of who if even involved.

The task given to us by CCS is to streamline this process and put it in an online workflow. To accomplish this task we are using an application called K2, which is a workflow application. This application allows us to create the proper forms online and control the process through the application. K2 also allows us to connect to a database to hold the information involved in the process. The new process will begin online and send emails to the proper users to sign off on the class and the legal data at the proper steps. This also allows CCS to have access to the workflow and see where it is at and who has accomplished their tasks. This should create a much more fluid and quick process to create new classes and an online source of information for access.


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