AIMS: AutoZone

AIMS recently welcomed professionals from AutoZone to discuss company strategy, vision, and culture. AutoZone carries an extensive line of products for cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks in each of their over 5,200 stores. They attribute their success to their ability to provide their customers with the right parts at the right price. Since its inception, AutoZone has utilized technology to gain a competitive advantage in the automotive aftermarket industry. Using a highly efficient business model for logistics and distribution, the company has steadily grown over the past three decades in a competitive market.

UA MIS alumni were in attendance to give a new-hire perspective of the company and speak about the transition into a fast-paced, interactive role with AutoZone. The alumni are part of a collaborative team delivering consumable, interactive information to AutoZone’s employees, managers, analysts, and customers through data mining and manipulation. They are chasing the future in their development of AutoZone’s IT infrastructure.

Chief Information Officer Ron Griffin was the keynote speaker of the evening. Mr. Griffin has recruited from the UA MIS program since he was the Chief Information Officer of both Home Depot and Hewlett-Packard. He believes in the attitude as well as the aptitude of students from the program, and urged anyone interested to apply to join the AutoZone team. Mr. Griffin highlighted the success that AutoZone stock has undergone since improvements in IT have taken place. The automotive aftermarket industry is competitive, and technical competitive advantage is paramount. Mr. Griffin is building an innovative, forward-thinking, technically competent team at AutoZone able to adapt and excel in a fast-paced and competitive automotive aftermarket industry. He believes technology is the true competitive advantage in the industry, and made it a point to have students from the UA MIS program join his team.


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