Capstone: Service Master Team 2

Our client this semester is ServiceMaster. ServiceMaster is a Fortune 1000 company that provides a variety of residential and commercial services. The most familiar of their brands is Terminix, but they also specialize in cleaning services, disaster response and restoration, and furniture repair.

ServiceMaster currently uses Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) to extract, transform, and load data. DTS is obsolete and has reported issues with many essential functions. ServiceMaster would like to upgrade their system, and they have chosen Pentaho as the company’s new ETL tool.

ServiceMaster teams 1 and 2 have combined forces to help ServiceMaster transition to the newer, more dynamic Pentaho. Specifically, we will be using the Pentaho Data Integration environment to complete the conversion of the DTS packages. Additionally, we will identify the best practices for the conversion process, and document all of our findings. By developing this process, we will increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with using and maintaining the outdated and obsolete software.


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