Capstone: Regions Team

Our client this semester is Region’s Financial Corporation. Regions was formed in 1971 as Alabama’s first multibank holding company. Regions currently serves customers in 16 states across the South, Midwest and Texas. Its subsidiary, Region’s Bank, operates approximately 1,700 banking offices and 2,000 ATMs. Up until recently, Regions utilized SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to fulfill their business intelligence needs. In 2014 Regions rolled out an Enterprise Edition of Microsoft’s SharePoint which has allowed them to access and interact with other Microsoft BI reporting tools in a familiar web interface.

With the recent transition, Regions is currently in the process of building a variety of new dashboards utilizing Microsoft Power BI tools. Our project this semester is to develop graphical dashboards to visualize data so that Region’s executives can quickly gain insights into critical data. By improving access and rapid understanding of crucial data Regions will be able to increase productivity and operating effectiveness, as well as harness the full potential of their customer data. A decision maker at Regions will be able to open a dashboard in a SharePoint Environment and see a live stream of current data graphically displayed.

Our Capstone team has been given four use cases which contain the questions Regions want to be able to answer with their dashboards. The team continues to learn and grow due to each new use case being accompanied by its own set of challenges.


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