Capstone: Slalom Consulting

Spring 2015, our team will be working with Slalom Consulting to design a cross-platform mobile application for their annual spring retreat, Hi8us.  Our mission is to deliver a mobile application available on Windows, Android, and iPhone operating systems to help facilitate social interaction and focus activities during the Hi8us weekend.

Slalom Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, WA, employs over 3,000 employees across 16 offices in North America and London.  Each Slalom location independently hosts a spring retreat offered to their employees, a reward for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.  The Atlanta office’s retreat is known as Hi8us, located this year in Nashville, TN during the first weekend in May.  During past Hi8us retreats, Slalom has identified that it is difficult to maintain contact and communication with employees as they participate in various activities throughout the weekend.

The UA MIS team has decided to use PhoneGap Build to compile JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 files into each operating system’s native language.   Back-end control is being developed using Microsoft’s Visual Studios, while all front-end development is being done in Adobe’s Dreamweaver.  The team has elected to use TFS for back-end source control and GitHub for all front-end source control.  The team has also chosen to set-up the web API using Microsoft’s Azure.

By developing a cross-platform mobile application for Slalom Consulting’s annual Hi8us retreat, social interaction and activity information will be promoted throughout the weekend.  The consultants will have an internal tool to communicate with their fellow employees throughout the weekend, with the ability to post statuses and various other media files to one specific location.  The application also utilizes a one-to-one messaging center for employees to communicate with each other, a Google maps plugin for directions and places of interest, and a Weather plugin to highlight the forecast for the weekend.  The application is also designed to provide Slalom’s employees with a central location for all of the weekend’s activities, allowing for more direct access to all things Hi8us.


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