Capstone: GM Team

Our client this semester is General Motors’ Georgia Innovation Center. The GIC was formed in Roswell, Georgia in 2013 to accommodate the insourcing of their IT departments. As of February 2015, almost 1,300 GM employees work in the GIC.

With the GIC being so new, it currently does not have an online site to coordinate their internal org-wide events and the external events that their employees take part in around the Roswell and Atlanta areas. The organization currently plans its events using word of mouth, emails, and excel sheets, which takes extra time and effort away from employees’ normal duties. What the GIC needs is a central website to host all the event planning, communicating, and coordination functions.

At the beginning of the semester, there were two potential paths to creating a solution. The capstone team decided on creating a SharePoint site over building a .NET solution from the ground up. The main reason for this decision is that SharePoint gives us a base level of functionality more quickly than building up to that same point with a .NET solution.

By creating a SharePoint site that automates much of the event planning and coordinating process, the GIC will be able to increase quantity of employees’ attending events and thus the quality of the events themselves. The events will assist with new hire integration as well as getting current employees more involved with their coworkers. By increasing the office morale, the GIC hopes to increase employee retention rates. The solution will also increase the visibility of GIC employees’ work life balance and the GIC’s impact on the community. In addition, the automated process of coordinating events will save the GIC time by eliminating the need for the antiquated process currently in place.


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