Career Fairs

Each semester, The University of Alabama holds several career fairs for students to interact with corporate recruiters and seek internships and full time employment opportunities. Each day focuses on different types of careers. On Tuesday, Communications majors attend, Wednesday is general business (such as marketing and finance), and Thursday technical majors like Computer Science and Engineering majors attend. MIS is different. Because our major prepares students for a career using technical skills in a business setting, we attend both the general business and technical career fairs.

Various affinity and student groups have been holding special career fair preparation events to help ready MIS students for the Career Fair. WIT and CMISS often hold fashion shows and “what not to wear” events to help students understand professional dress codes. Toastmasters offers students a chance to work on their public speaking skills and polish their elevator pitches. Mock interviews help students prepare for interacting with recruiters and interviewers as well as helping polish up their resumes. One company, CTS, even came to campus last week to hold a career fair preparation event to focus on networking skills. The career fair is a valuable opportunity for students to put these skills to use in a non-threatening environment.

Each of these days, the MIS program holds an open house event in AIME to provide an opportunity for companies interested in learning more about the program. Each recruiter is greeted by MIS Ambassadors, offered light refreshments, and led on tours of the AIME facilities. If interested, recruiters can observe poster presentations from any available capstone teams. At the close of the tour, recruiters are given more information about our program and often a copy of the Resume book which holds the resumes of all MIS students looking for internship and full time opportunities.

Together, the career fair and MIS open house provides an excellent opportunity for students and recruiters to network in order for students to develop professional skills.


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