MIS 295: Mid-Semester Update

MIS is more than a collection of challenging classes and a degree at the end of 5 semesters; MIS is about becoming young professionals, well rounded in our skills, and well-equipped to enter the work force. This is a lesson that we, as fresh 295-ers, are beginning to comprehend.

We are just getting into the meat of our first project: creating a business plan for an application to be used on Maya, the personal robot. From what I’ve heard of all the ideas, the applications are extremely varied and cover all sorts of things. The creativity is invigorating. Want to know something else that’s invigorating? Coffee. At 11PM. Because your group has been working on this project for many hours, and you’ve got many more hours to go. This project does not get done without the work, making time management a priority. Also, the 2 other people in your group are probably awesome and involved, so finding a time to meet together is a challenge, a necessary challenge, but one nonetheless. We’re learning to value each other’s time and input, making group work a very supportive, team-based environment, essential to our overall success. We’ve got a long two weeks to go until the project is due, but it’s going to be a fun time, with lots of coffee.

Another major skill that is being emphasized in our class is learning how to ask the right questions. DHale has repeated the phrase “We are in the business of asking questions” enough to remind us that we, as young professionals, must be proactive in order to do our job correctly, and that involves learning how to raise our hand and learn something new – but only after introducing ourselves.

The main question now, that the students must ask ourselves, is if we are willing to put in the time and effort to do our very best in the classes and the professional development we’re being exposed to. If we are dedicated to this program, we will be extremely prepared for life after school.


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