Capstone: Lowe’s Clickstream Data Team

Spring 2015, our Capstone team will be working for Lowe’s Home Improvement Corporation dealing with their clickstream data on their retail website. Our mission is to develop key recommendations that could vastly benefit the company through their big data.

Finishing up in 2012 as number 54 on the Fortune 500 list, Lowe’s handles 14 product categories ranging from appliances and tools, to paint, lumber and nursery products and houses more than 500,000 items available online at After collecting data from consumer behavior, the company has decided to understand what exactly the consumer wants before they even realize it.

The company’s clickstream data will be stored on Hadoop, which is a separate data warehouse that allows us to write code similar to SQL to query the information using Hive. Once our team has understood the architecture behind the data and relationships, we will begin to analyze patterns and begin to build theories of connections. The next tool will we will be using is visualization software called Tableau. This technology will allow us to display multi-relational data on its dashboard and will help us formulate our recommendations to the client.

We have already begun conducting in-depth research on these new business tools in order to decrease time spent in our sprints. Our Lowe’s contact has been very resourceful and is very excited with what creative connections we will discover when deciphering through their clickstream data. We as a team are driven to improve our current skills through out the project since we have no prior experience working in this situation. Our Capstone team looks forward to constructing innovative ideas during the project and bring value to Lowe’s Home Improvement Corporation


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