AIMS: Microsoft

This week we were pleasantly surprised to attend a meeting with Microsoft’s Ed Fisher and Katherine Boone. With their experience at Microsoft, they exemplified how Microsoft can be the home of our career and emphasized that they are looking to hire in a long-term context. Covering what it’s like to work at Microsoft, as well as what internships and the MACH Program are like, Mr. Fisher and Ms. Boone motivated us to take the initiative to apply to Microsoft–just as long as we proofread our resumes a few times.

Ms. Boone and Mr. Fisher described Microsoft as a place to work hard, play hard, and get paid very well to do what we love. Diversity and inclusion are assets to the company, and they form the foundation of the various organizations and groups with special interests that employees use to network and bond. Microsoft works toward having not only a differentiated workforce but also an environmentally friendly reputation: Through initiatives to go “carbon neutral” and make a difference through their 30-years-strong Give Campaign, Microsoft is a company with a strong, positive impact on the world.

Although they are seeking applicants for internships and full-time positions, Mr. Fisher and Ms. Boone focused their presentation on the MACH (Microsoft Academy for College Hires) Program, which is a talent-building training route that is growing the next generation of Microsoft and giving recent graduates real-world experience in a rapidly accelerated environment. Possessing a technical background, stellar communication skills, strong teamwork and customer-service skills, a desire to make a difference in the world with technology, and an unquenchable thirst for learning are the prerequisites for accelerating through the MACH Program–and to higher positions in Microsoft.

The session ventured to cover a range of customer-facing technology roles, including associate consultants, technical sales professionals, support engineers, and technical evangelists, all of which necessitate technical backgrounds and aptitudes to help customers. Ms. Boone and Mr. Fisher concluded the meeting with some parting words of wisdom, complete with jokes and wholehearted advice, the most important of which was to apply our best effort to have a passion for what we do.


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