AIMS: The Home Depot

For our January 27th AIMS meeting, representatives from The Home Depot posed several important questions to the students in attendance. First, what seemed to be a simple question, “Who is The Home Depot’s largest competitor?” In unison, we responded “Lowes!” We were wrong. The answer was actually This surprising fact led into the discussion of the importance of Home Depot’s online presence and focus on what the company is calling “dot com.” One interesting fact mentioned was that The Home Depot is NOT focusing on opening more stores in order to grow its business! The company’s growth is actually coming from its website and online sales.

A few minutes later, students were asked to think about how many individual systems are involved in getting a single hammer to one Home Depot store. We started listing them out: inventory tracking, order placing, etc. This led into the discussion of the importance that MIS majors can play in systems development, maintenance and support as well as fast growing need for professionals with web development skills.

After informing us about The Home Depot’s need for professionals and interns with skills relevant to these areas, we were introduced to the numerous internship and full time career opportunities at The Home Depot. Many students are worried that they will accept a position that they will end up not enjoying or simply getting tired of after a while and wonder what sort of opportunities will be available to be exposed to different experiences. We learned about the career paths at The Home Depot and about the support and flexibility to transition into different roles and gain exposure to different types of work in order to further develop our skills and find new interests.

Relevant internship opportunities for MIS majors include IT, supply chain management, and DOT COM and many of The Home Depot’s interns are offered and accept a job with the company full time after graduation. Further information about The Home Depot’s internship opportunities can be found on their website:


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