MIS 560: An Introduction

MIS 560 is the beginning. Let me explain. MIS 560 is filled with MBA students who have chosen the Enterprise Consulting concentration. Many of us have never programed in our lives, yet somehow, we ended up in a graduate level MIS course. For many of us, this is our first foray into the world of IT project management…and it’s a little frightening.

By the end of this course, we will have acquired the knowledge and experience to plan, scope, manage, and deliver business systems solutions.   We will have become high performing project managers and business analysts. We will also be ready for the MIS boot camp we have heard so many horror stories about.

To help prepare us, Dr. Joanne Hale and Mr. Jeff Lucas have chosen projects that will allow us to jump right into the world of project management that will definitely challenge us, but not be completely over our heads. Our class has been divided into three teams, with each team taking one of the following projects:

  • Capstone Timecard: Currently, Capstone team hours are tracked through a single spreadsheet for each team. This spreadsheet is not intuitive, is prone to errors, and is not standard across the Capstone.  The team with this project will be responsible for developing a new timecard application.
  • RAG Report: Each week, PMs update their project status on a shared Google spreadsheet called a “RAG” Report. The team with this project will be responsible for developing a new status reporting application.
  • Metadata Tracking: At the end of each semester, a spreadsheet is created that allows each PM to enter information about their project and methods for the MIS program’s future use. This information is crucial to showing new clients the variety of projects the Capstone has done. The team with this project will be responsible for developing a new tracking and reporting application to replace the current system.

For these projects, we will utilize Accenture’s waterfall delivery methodology to facilitate project progress and accountability. We are currently in the plan phase of our projects and are beginning to produce our first batch of deliverables. Though this is new to us, we are all very excited to continue this amazing journey into the world of project management.


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