Capstone: PwC Team

The PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) Capstone Team is excited to collaborate with one of the best professional services firms in the world for Spring 2015. PwC is a multinational services firm, known as the leader in the business advisory and consulting space. Imagine the power of 180,000 people with a common purpose — building relationships that create value for you and your business. This is PwC. PwC performs a wide array of services including Audit and Assurance, Tax Advisory, and Business Advisory Services, Forensics, Human Resources and Management Consulting for 417 companies in the Fortune 500 as of 2014. PwC’s reputation lies in building lasting relationships with clients and a focus on delivering value in all that they do. The PwC Capstone team aims to apply skills and capabilities acquired through UA MIS to contribute to PwC’s achievement of this goal.

Last year, PwC approached the UA MIS Capstone Program with the goal of increasing their perception as a “Thought Leader” in the Human Resources area. PwC had been achieving this goal prior to the project by administering an annual survey to their clients about the HR structures and practices in place at their respective work environments. After gathering the results, PwC would analyze and use these metrics to inform their consulting recommendations. The previous two semesters’ projects created a mobile HR app to electronically distribute these surveys and provide the ability for users to take the survey on their mobile devices. The mobile application utilized C# ASP.NET and was also available for download on iOS and android devices. This semester, PwC wants to develop the app much further, improving the ease of use and enhancing functionality. Specifically, PwC wants to add push notifications and a system of gamification to incentivize app usage and encourage users to share the app with others. Additionally, PwC would like UI enhancements in the app, including a swipe navigation gesture and further PwC branding. In doing this, users will enjoy greater functionality and interaction with the app, increasing the amount of data acquired by PwC and allowing PwC to offer even better solutions for clients. With the success of this project, PwC’s reputation as a “Thought Leader” among their current and future clients will be solidified, which will indirectly promote business.


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