Capstone: FedEx Team

We here on the FedEx Capstone team are very excited about this semester and the project we get to complete. FedEx is one of the largest shipping companies in the US. Of course they offer tons of other services as well such as logistics and supply chain management, printing, etc.

We are not the first Capstone team to have worked for FedEx. Past teams helped to build their Office mobile app, which allowed users to upload, view, pay for, and print documents and pictures on the go. These teams all had very positive experiences working for FedEx, and we couldn’t be happier to be paired with them.

This semester, our team is focusing on FedEx’s e-commerce website. This website provides the same functionality as the mobile app mentioned earlier. Utilizing a SCRUM methodology, our team is beginning the process to rewrite/redesign the site and its architecture. We are working off of a prototype built by another company for FedEx and are molding the site into FedEx’s own MVC framework.

Many technologies are involved in this project, including JavaScript, can JS, steal JS, HTML5, and CSS. WebStorm is the IDE we are utilizing. Though the team does not have a ton of experience with these technologies, we have already jumped head first into learning them. And we know the MIS program has prepared us to be able to adapt and learn with ease.

We have already had a few client meetings which have gone very well. Our FedEx contacts have been immensely helpful in providing us the materials and info we need to get started. They even went so far as to provide us with step by step code walk-throughs to help us become familiar with the development environment.

We are very excited to see where the project takes and what the rest of the semester has in store for us.


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