Mock Interviews

Last week concluded with mock interviews. This event puts MIS students at a tremendous advantage, as most other majors do not offer anything like it. Every semester, the MIS program gives students the opportunity to practice their interview skills with professionals from the MIS field, University of Alabama MIS graduates and MIS faculty. This event took place in the newly renovated Career Center in the Ferguson Center.

The mock interviews consist of three parts: a resume review, a behavioral interview, and a technical interview. While this event is just for practice, all the students were dressed in business formal and treated it like a real interview situation. During the resume review, older students helped the younger students refine their resumes so they stand out in the competitive job market. Next came the behavioral interview. This was a standard interview that asked questions like, “Tell me about a time when you overcame a failure,” or simply “tell me about yourself.” After the interview concluded, the interviewer would give the student feedback on their performance so they could improve in the future. The mock interviews finished with the technical interview. During this interview, a variety of question can be asked. For example, questions range from open-ended problem solving such as, “If I asked you to build a house, what steps would you take?” to a specific coding situation. For the most part, the interviewer was not looking for a specific answer. They just wanted to see the steps a student would take to solve the problem.

The mock interviews this semester were a success as always. Students received lots of feedback to work on their interview skills for the future, and were able to network with people they might one-day work with.


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