MIS 320 & 340: Starting A New Semester

“Application and Information Architecture” and “Data Communication in a Global Environment,” that’s what this semester holds for the second-semester Junior students. As the semester has finally started to pick up, students are gaining an insight of what to expect for this semester. This semester is the final semester before entering the Capstone; a vital time for learning¬†important technical skills.

In 320, “Application and Information Architecture” students are reviewing their C# skills, which will be utilized throughout the semester. Students have also been introduced to ORM, Object-Relational Mapping, and Entity Framework. Students are continuing to learn how the user interface, business logic, data access and databases all come together to create something. In 340, “Data Communication in a Global Environment”, students are gaining their first real look into how computers work, communicate with one another and computer forensics. This class is different from their other MIS courses in the sense that, rather than learning a new technical skill, they are learning technical hardware knowledge.

Between 320 and 340, students will expand and improve their technical skills. Not only are they improving their technicality, but also their professional and interpersonal skills. These second-semester Juniors have been in the program for a year now, and their growth has been greater than many of them expected. With each day, each event, each assignment, they are more and more prepared for the Capstone and more prepared for the real world.


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