For our second AIMS meeting of the semester, we moved to Alston Hall and learned about the opportunities that K2 is extending to the MIS program. The company’s first AIMS meeting was complete with humor, including a Dilbert cartoon, and advice for life as well as our future careers.

K2’s presenter, managing consultant David Loomis, illuminated the history and success of K2, a small but growing software company that has impacted Fortune 100 companies and the industry as a whole. Serving their clients with easy-to-use software geared for business-oriented users has built their reputation as a software company oriented around people — whether they were clients or K2’s own employees.

We learned from Mr. Loomis the benefits of working for a rapidly growing company like K2. With a million users across 64 countries using K2 software, like Blackpearl and Appit, a consultant working for K2 has opportunities to work globally. Learning how K2 powers the people who make great companies illustrated how working for K2 can allow us to help people and develop excellent systems. Although they have traditionally looked for candidates for their consulting positions that have industry experience, K2 utilized their first AIMS meeting at UA to entice MIS students to apply for positions like Associate Consultant.

Concluding the presentation, Mr. Loomis’ advice on the paths that our lives may take coincides with the opportunities that K2 offers for career paths in consulting or development. K2’s benefits, including remote mentoring, a global reach, and a strong partnership with Microsoft, showed us many enticing reasons to apply for K2.


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