Capstone: UA MIS Internal Project Team

Capstone has come off to a great start for our team as we get the honor of working on an internal project for the University of Alabama’s MIS Department. As students, we are taught methodologies to apply when needed to improve information technology problems. Such problems require all team members to develop a solution that is better, faster, cheaper, and yields value. As students, we strive to overcome small obstacles that will, in turn, produce results of improvement. Meanwhile, we take these very same goals and apply it to our personal lives, as well as, to benefit the MIS department. We are assigned to provide a list of possible improvements for the MIS department; we do anticipate the several challenges that are yet to come.

Providing a list of improvements makes the task even more interesting. Now, we have the opportunity to analyze and identify issues within the department. As we identify the issues, we discuss various problems where we can see an opportunity for improvement. Then, we produce flowcharts, and compile them to a list of potential projects. Those projects are brought to our PM and PMOs for discussion and presented to faculty members and the directors of the MIS program. Based off of their feedback, we are assigned a project. Once we are designated a project, we can then apply the knowledge and professionalism that we have acquired throughout the previous semesters and originate and implement efficient and beneficial solutions.


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