AIMS: Slalom Consulting

UA AIMS started off the semester with a presentation from Slalom Consulting. Slalom Consulting started in Seattle Washington in 1995 and now has sixteen offices in North America, as well as a new office located in London. They focus on designing and creating complete customer-centric solutions. Slalom’s clients are all fortune 500 companies, many of which are household names. They offer many tracts in both technical and analytical roles. Each employee is assigned a career guide that helps you to follow the best path for yourself. There are many opportunities for both vertical and horizontal movement within the company,

The Slalom Atlanta office came to UA and presented their company as a unique place to work that is built around employee empowerment. They spoke about the many employee events that occur throughout the year, as well as several appealing employee benefits. They have received many consecutive awards for best place to work from several sources such as Forbes Magazine, Consulting Magazine, and Glassdoor. Slalom has set themselves apart from other consulting companies by servicing only local companies, which means there is no need to travel for work. A position in their company could be just the change of pace that many road weary consultants need. Slalom usually only hires employees with a minimum of five years of experience; however, they are accepting applications from MBA students and college graduates to join their new program designed to give graduates the necessary experience to compete in their field.


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