MIS 220: Starting A New Semester

MIS 220 examines the basics of designing and constructing object-oriented and event-driven business applications, and related problem decomposition techniques. It builds off prior problem solving and programming exposure while concentrating on the construction and testing of individual business programs. The textbook we read daily and habitually reference to is C# in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference by Albahari and Albahari. It is a wealth of knowledge and can also be used as a dumbbell. In addition, MIS 220 utilizes a variety of online sources available through the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) websites.

This course aims:

  • To examine and implement object-oriented and event-driven design and construction techniques in computer programming.
  • To enhance understanding related to problem decomposition.
  • To increase technical competency in trouble shooting and overall use of software development tools.
  • To promote professionalism.

Learning a new language is kind of like…learning a new language. Switching from C++ in MIS 120 to C# in MIS 220 has similarities and differences. The learning curve is lower than learning our first language in C++, but it still takes complete commitment to learn a programming language.

Our first assignment was a preliminary Pass/Fail C# program that read “Show Me the Money!” Its purpose was to ensure that we had no qualms with Visual Studio. Our next Pass/Fail assignment is a bit hairier but not yet daunting. We are to create a receipt program for Crazy Eddie’s that reads in prices through a loop and calculates subtotal, tax, and subtotal. It should then read to the console and look like a receipt to the user, with decimals lined up and a “Thank You!” footer.

We have a lot to learn. Dr. Ed Hassler is noticeably adept at conveying high flown programming concepts into chewable pieces. He will be the light in our sometimes dim, sometimes dark path to competence in C#. One quote embodies the attitude it takes:

“Never, ever ever ever give up.”

-Winston Churchill


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