220 & 330: Semester Wrap-Up

It is officially Finals Week at the University of Alabama and that means things have finally started to wrap up in the Junior classes. The second semester for students includes MIS 330, an introduction to Databases and MIS 220, a second programming class which features C#. Before the semester began, prior students shared their insight regarding what to expect in this semester of classes. This semester’s students were ready to take on a more technical course load and begin their Internship search. But, reflecting back on this past semester, one realizes that it has been much more than just learning some new skills.  This semester has been filled with professional and personal growth, in addition to the expected academic growth.

As a student, you are taught that your main priority is school. In MIS 330 and 220, students spent the course of the semester completing homework assignments, in-class assignments, and exams that showcase the students’ knowledge on the concepts and then how to execute what they have learned. In MIS 330, students have been introduced to the concepts of SQL and the Microsoft SQL Server environment. In MIS 220, students have completed various coding projects to practice and perfect their C# skills. This week, students will be completing a final for both 330 and 220 which will cumulatively test their knowledge. This semester is vital within the Program’s curriculum due to the technicality of this semester.

Last week, students completed a month-long, cross-class project that encompassed both their SQL and C# skills. The project featured data from some popular fitness activity bands, such as FitBit and Jawbone. Students were asked to set up a database to reflect the given activity and user data and then Extract, Transform and Load the data. Students also were required to create stored procedures that interacted with their data. On the 220 side, students were asked to create a C# application that interacts with the database and the given stored procedures. This project was designed to teach students a real-world application of the skills they have been learning in both their classes.

In addition to learning new skills and growing academically, this past semester students have grown professionally and personally. The Junior students are exposed to their second Career Fair and their first round of Mock Interviews and Forum. These events have exposed students to the professional world outside the scope of the University. Through personal interaction with Alumni during Mock Interviews and C-Level Executives during Fall Forum, students continue to grow in both a professional and personal manner. This semester has also been an essential time in the students’ internship search; it has been filled with interviews with companies from different industries across the nation.

Between the assignments, projects, AIMS meetings, interviews, information sessions and Forum the Junior class has had an interesting semester. Students are not only continuing to improve their business and technical skills, but also important soft skills. As the semester concludes, these MIS students are well on their way to becoming MIS Professionals who always continue to Work Hard and Play Hard.


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