Capstone Team: Workflow Health

Workflow Health is a small company geared towards helping non-English speaking patients during medical intake at small clinics and doctor’s offices. Being the third team on this project, our main role is to commercialize the product. The product is a kiosk-style application, in which a patient can utilize a translate function to transform the language of the clinic’s admittance form into their native tongue. For example, if a German speaking individual walks into a clinic, he or she can walk up to a kiosk and translate the clinic’s admittance form from English to German. Google Translate is the mechanism behind this translation. In addition to the kiosk, a user also has the ability to fill out an admittance form at home through a website we have created.

In terms of our development environment, we are utilizing a LAMP stack. Expanding upon this, we are using Ubuntu (Linux) as our operating system, Apache as our web server, MySQL as our database management system, and phpMyAdmin as our database administration tool. We are also utilizing Drupal as our content management system, LUKS as our full disk encryption software, and Kioware as our kiosk software.

On a daily basis, our team works on virtual machines by VMware. Some challenges that we had, and since conquered, were the migration of data from one virtual machine to another and implementing full disk encryption onto the virtual machine for the sake of masking Protected Health Information (PHI). One major responsibility that we have is meeting HIPAA compliance laws. This task includes encryption, laying out the permissions of each kind of user, and ensuring that cryptographic protocols are present when accessing the website.


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