MIS 120

It was just a few weeks into our MIS 120 class, our introduction to programming in C++. At the start of the class that day, the normally very positive and approachable Mr. Jeff Lucas appeared a touch frustrated. We all wondered what we had done. “While doing technical interviews, four of the six people I interviewed said they were not technical. Absolutely never say that!!! You should be able to say you are technical before even leaving this class.” These words resonated with a lot of us. It was a great confirmation that we were indeed becoming competent programmers and becoming more so by the day.

We are now ending week nine of MIS 120. The knowledge we have accrued over the semester and even since that day in class is absolutely incredible. Just in short, here’s a condensed list of the major topics we have covered:

  • Variables and Constants
  • Selection Structure
  • Repetition Structure
  • Value-Returning Functions
  • Void Functions
  • One-Dimensional Arrays
  • Strings
  • Structures
  • Sequential Access Files
  • Structures

Each project by nature builds of the skill sets we’ve acquired in each topical area. The current project is a culmination of everything we have learned, and it is being built for Mr. Lucas’ passion for baseball. If a concept is on the list above, it will most likely be included in the collection and ordering of baseball statistics with which Mr. Lucas has tasked us.

Looking back at the concepts we’ve covered this semester, some of us may still be overwhelmed with the material and others may be fully confident in their coding abilities. At the end of the day however, all of us have developed our technical skill set a great deal over the course of this class. All of us now can proudly say we are, in fact, technical.


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