220 & 330: Things are Heating Up

As midterms have finished up and the weather has finally started to cool down, things have begun to heat up in the Junior classes. The second semester for students includes MIS 330, an introduction to Databases and MIS 220, a second programming class which features C#. This semester has been very different for students compared to last semester in MIS 295 and MIS 120; students are finally beginning to gain an understanding of all the things you can do with MIS.

In MIS 330, students have completed various homework assignments which have taught them the basics of the SQL language and the applications of using a database. Students have learned how to construct and interpret an Entity Relationship Diagram. Students have learned how to create and populate databases and perform queries. So far, students have completed two exams, both of which have tested the students knowledge on the concepts and then how to execute what the have learned.

In MIS 220, students have been introduced to object-oriented programming and C#. So far, students have completed one exam and four programming assignments. Students have expanded their previous programming knowledge through these exercises and have really challenged students by presented ambiguous instructions that allow for creativity. Students have learned about Classes, Inheritance, Exceptions, Composition, and most recently, GUIs. For many students, this class has really taught them about the application of programming and how it can be used in everyday business applications. For example, students created a program to replicate a check-out line by using customer and employee classes.

Within the next week, students will be introduced to a cross-class team project that incorporates accessing a database via a Windows form application. This project will really test students on their ability to execute skills learned in both classes. This project will also reintroduce the team-oriented aspect that was emphasized during MIS 295.

This semester has been an interesting one for 220 and 330 students; the reality of a future in the MIS profession has really begun to sink in. Students are not only continuing to learn business and technical skills within the classroom, but also important soft skills outside of the classroom via professional development activities. This semester has been filled with Information Sessions, networking, Forum, AIMS meetings, and Interviews for many students. As the semester is quickly approaching its end, students will continue to Work Hard and Play Hard.


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