Capstone Team: Med-Pass Health

The objective of the University of Alabama Capstone Team project is to assist the start-up company, Med+Pass by expanding the capabilities of the existing Med+Pass website services. The project team will deliver a web-based health information system that automatically creates forms with a unique identifier that will ultimately verify the integrity of the information on the form.  Additionally, we will implement software to extract characters from the forms to automate processes and innovate this start-up company to the information age through optical character recognition.  Some of the opportunities we foresee will be mobile development and expanding to other universities.

By implementing these technologies we:

  • expedite student intake process
  • increase customer throughput
  • save Universities on storage costs
  • allow for expansion into new markets
  • improve student participation

Current problems that will be solved:

  • Inaccurate, incomplete, or illegible forms
  • Costly and inefficient paper based storage process
  • No easy way to update student medical information

Project Sponsor: Hallet Ogburn
Faculty Sponsor: Clay Posey
Project Manager: Ellen Lindsay
Team Members: Michael Ryce, Cam Bradford, Andrew Nelson, Andrew Ray, Parker Floyd


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