MIS 295: Project 1

Upperclassmen warned us about the projects for MIS 295; they spoke about them in the same tone that they would tell ghost stories. They cautioned us to listen intently to D. Hale’s requirements, for they would be both numerous and ambiguous. They warned us to start early, for the final product could be upwards of 200 pages. They admonished us to not work with friends, for the stress could be taxing on even the greatest of relationships. Needless to say, us 295ers were quaking in our boots. However, when the class started back in August, we saw no sign of these mythical projects. Instead we passed the time completing a plethora of pass/fail assignments: planning our course schedules, developing our resumes, and outlining our career goals. We had grown complacent. Things changed three weeks ago when D. Hale dropped a bomb that would demolish our sleep schedules, destroy our social lives, and test the very foundation of our GPAs. After hinting earlier in the week to start forming teams of three, D. Hale finally revealed that our first project would focus on the timely topic of wearable technology. Specifically, we were tasked with developing an app for a new or already established wearable that had some sort of business value. Then, through a combination of mockups, flowcharts, and WCAs, we were told to create a proposal binder that explains how our product will reach its fruition in the market, detailing everything from initial R&D to aftermarket servicing. All of this, along with a 1 minute presentation to our specially assigned grader, was due in three weeks. With only a few days left until our projects are due, I am happy to say that my group is alive and well. Scratching the surface was by far the hardest part of the project, as many of the ideas that we had, such as a Google Glass app that turns everyday speech into real time subtitles for the deaf, already has been created somewhere in the world, underscoring the fact that we are not only competing with our classmates but the entire planet. Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on the binder, which has been time-consuming but by no means arduous. Frankly, I cannot wait for October 10th’s due date. After working so hard, I just want to turn this project in and play even harder.


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