Capstone Team: SPOC Automation—Product Configurator

This fall 2014 semester SPOC Automation out of Trussville, Alabama, teamed up with the MIS program to complete their first set of Capstone projects. The Product Configurator team includes:

Richard Doherty: Faculty Sponsor

Brad Strong: Project Manager

Clark Johnson: Business Lead

Olivia Lackey: Build Manager

Chris Sumerel: Test Lead

Morgan Thompson: Development Lead

Steven Washington: Technology Lead

SPOC Automation engineers and packages artificial lift control technologies and the automation technology that increases oil and gas production. These innovative technologies lower lifting costs and save energy. SPOC produces a large quantity of customized products but does not currently have a standardized process for configuring those products for their customers.  Because the products that SPOC sells are extremely complex, the extensive knowledge base needed for configuring a custom product is limited to a few executives of the company.

The main goal for this project was to create an intuitive web application that will empower the sales associates to accurately identify the precise product for customers without having to receive guidance from executives. Increased efficiency of the configuration process, allows for higher sales force productivity. The application will display certain questions about the specifications of the customer’s current situation. The user’s input will then be compiled and used to generate their optimal product. Once a product has been recommended, the application will offer pricing and create an opportunity for ordering and sales to occur.

The technologies used for this project include:

ASP.NET, MVC, C#: web application

Microsoft SQL Server: database

Team Foundation Server: source control

This week marks the end of our Sprint 1. By the end of this sprint, the application’s core functionality will be complete. This functionality allows for users to answer a few questions and their answers will generate an optimal product. The team has been working diligently and has fallen into a good rhythm with each other. This project looks to create an interesting and fun semester for the team and the client.


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