Career Fair Open House: Recap

Last week, the General and Technical Career Fair provided a great opportunity for MIS students to interact directly with recruiters from dozens of companies searching for both full time and internship candidates. The knowledge many students have gained from various professional development activities has prepared them for the Career Fair events.

Directly after each day of the Career Fairs, the MIS program hosted an Open House for companies that were interested in recruiting prospective students and for companies wanting to learn more about the Program. During the Open House, student ambassadors led the companies on an in depth tour of the AIME facilities, which included Poster Presentations by the Capstone Teams. Each of the Capstone Teams presented a pitch of their project and answered various questions about their project or their specific experience within the Capstone. Company representatives received a copy of the current semester’s Resume Book, which contains resumes of current MBA, Master’s, Full-time and Internship candidates.

For companies that are unfamiliar with who we are and what we do, as a program, having the opportunity to hear from various Capstone teams and tour the facilities is a great way to begin to become familiar and truly understand the real world application of “where business and technology meet.” Capstone Projects, real-life projects that encompass a wide range of technologies and methods of delivery, are an excellent way to demonstrate how our program sets itself apart from others.

For companies that are familiar with the MIS Program, they were able to use this as an opportunity to begin to get more in touch with the students and the program. By a direct interaction between companies, faculty and students, the culture that makes this program stand out continues to develop. The Open House events were also a great way for Alumni to reconnect with the program and see the growth the program has grown since their time at the Capstone.

As many students begin to look for either full-time placement or internship opportunities, the Career Fairs and Open House events serve as a vital component in professional development for students and a vital recruitment opportunity for companies.

The Resume Book is also available online at


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