Capstone Project: Streamline Health

Our Capstone client is Streamline Health for the fall semester. The Capstone team is composed of the following members, David Vojticek (Project Manager), John Lasak (Technology Lead), Eric Turpin (Test Lead), Katelyn Zarzaur (Architecture Lead), Patrick Nevels (Developer Lead), and Austin Carnegie (Quality Assurance Lead). Streamline provides data-driven solutions for healthcare organizations. These solutions address organizations’ patient engagement, patient care, financial management, HIM, Coding, and CDI. They are headquartered out of Atlanta, but the company also has offices in Cincinnati and New York City.

Streamline has given our Capstone team the responsibility of creating a Client Administration Module. This will address an issue they have within their OpportunityAnywhere module, where client administrators don’t have the ability to add, edit, remove, or pull reports on these things by themselves. Instead, client administrators are forced to create tickets for Streamline Health administrators to resolve.

Our Client Administration Module will grant Streamline’s clients the ability to login to their own portal where they can address these problems by themselves and allow Streamline employees to work on more important things. We will be writing this project in C# on MVC in the .NET platform. We generated this project with Database First on Entity Framework with our server on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Our team also setup a server so that the Streamline employees working with us can view and test our work as we move through sprints.

This upcoming week is the end of our first sprint. We will have completed the website layout and add, remove, and edit users functionality. So far, the project has been moving along well and our team is very cohesive. It has been a fun and exciting client and project to work with.


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