Capstone Project: Nucor Corporation

This fall, our Capstone team is working with Nucor Corporation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Nucor Corporation is the largest steel producer and recycler in the United States. The Tuscaloosa steel mill was built in 1985. Nucor Tuscaloosa produces 1.2 million tons of steel products annually. The Tuscaloosa facility specializes in three major product lines: cut-to-length (CTL) temper plate, discrete plate, and hot rolled steel. Each of these products can also be purchased in a variety of grades and sizes.

This semester, our Capstone team will be working on the current sign in/sign-out procedure for Visitors and Contractors coming onto the Nucor site. Currently, when a new Visitor, or Contractor comes to Nucor they are given a safety presentation, sign a liability form, and write in basic information about themselves; such as their name, birthdate, and company. Finally, after filling out these documents they are given a gate pass sticker that can be used for future sign-ins. This information is later added to a spreadsheet, and the forms are stored in a filing cabinet. Then, when a visitor returns to the site they show their gate pass sticker, and sign in and out on a sheet of paper with their name and company. This document is then stored in a filing cabinet. This process has proven to be time consuming, as well as being insufficient to track all visitors, and contractors that are on site.

Our Capstone Team is designing a Web-Application that will use a database to store the liability form visitors and contractors sign, the general information that they fill out, and track all visit that a visitor or contractor has to the site. The application will sign people in with the gate pass number they are given, making it faster because it eliminates some information that must be given in the current process when signing in, and more cost efficient because it will eliminate the paper used in the current process. This will provide a more reliable way of tracking all people on site, and shorten the time it takes for visitors and contractors to sign in and out.

Our team has recently finished constructing initial Process Flow Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, and Entity Relationship Diagrams, and the next step we plan to take is to begin designing wireframes.


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