Capstone Project: Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS)

This fall semester, our Capstone team is working with the Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS).  ADSS is a cabinet state level state agency that administers programs for senior citizens and people with disabilities.  The department has roughly 40 employees who work close with the department’s four divisions: Administration and Finance, Elder Rights, Programs, and Long-Term Care in Montgomery, Alabama.  The state programs offered by ADSS for senior citizens covers all 67 counties in the state of Alabama.

This semester, ADSS is looking to replace their current Nutrition process of ordering meals for senior citizens.  Currently, ADSS has their Nutrition system as a desktop application (Aging Information Management System; AIMS) and their employees enter all the information into AIMS from paperwork filled out by the Senior Center Manager.  This current process is not only time consuming, it also can lead to information being entered incorrectly or unintentionally duplicated.  Overall, ADSS can fail to meet federal compliance regulations and can lose federal funding for the programs and services they offer senior citizens.

ADSS and our Capstone team have agreed on developing a web application to replace their current process.  The main goal of this project is to reduce errors made by entering incorrect information, speed up the meal ordering process, and to follow federal regulations to gain maximum funding and reduce the spending of tax payer dollars.  Generally, ADSS wants to provide their constituents with the best programs and services.


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