Capstone Experience: PwC Team

This fall our project team has the pleasure of welcoming PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to the MIS Capstone Experience. PwC is a multinational professional services firm, known as the leader in the business advisory and consulting space. PwC performs a wide array of services including Audit and Assurance, Tax Advisory, and Business Advisory Services and Management Consulting for 421 companies in the Fortune 500 (as of 2013).

Last semester, PwC approached the UA MIS Capstone Experience with the goal of increasing their perception as a “Thought Leader” in the HR space. The way PwC was achieving this goal prior to the project was by administering an annual survey to their clients about the HR structures and practices in place at their respective work environments. After gathering the results, PwC would analyze and use these metrics to inform their consulting recommendations. Last semester’s project created a mobile HR app to electronically distribute these surveys and provide the ability for users to take the survey on their mobile devices.  This semester, PwC wants to change the format of the survey from a comprehensive annual survey, to a “Question of the Week” format. They also want to change the metric processing from an intensive, annual process, to an instantaneous real-time result of the question of the week. In doing this, users will be able to instantly see the results of the survey update as they answer it. By having this data available, PwC’s reputation as a “Thought Leader” among their current and future clients will be increased, which will indirectly promote business.

Our project team has been charged with the objective of augmenting the current mobile app to provide the functionality for this process change.  There are three key objectives to be met to ensure the success of this project. First, we need to provide the ability for PwC to issue individual questions instead of full surveys. Second, the application needs to be able to notify the user that a new question has been added. Third, we need to implement data visualization tools to display the survey results in real-time. PwC also indicated that the UI and usability of the application are a high priority, so we will be implementing all the aforementioned changes with a sleek, intuitive UI. The solution will be delivered as a C# ASP.NET web application that will also be available as a mobile application on iOS and Android.


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