MIS 330 – the Home Stretch

Well, the joint MIS 330/CS 220 project has now come and gone.  Teams turned in their final products on Monday.  What a great feeling that was!  Finally getting to submit our working Database and Application that recreate the Scholarship system for the University was quite satisfying.


It is amazing how with each passing day, we noticed how the material in the 2 different courses continued to mesh together more and more.  Database Administration and C# programming seem like pretty different areas of study, and yet, the work we did molded the 2 together in perfect unison to the point that its almost hard to remember what it was like when the 2 courses still seemed separate from one another.


We all were allowed a great way to wrap up our projects.  Each team, using screencast software, produced a short video that demonstrated their proposed data model and working C# application and their most important or noteworthy features.  Its fascinating how a single project assignment can produce such a vast variety of solutions.  It just goes to show how well we are all prepared in class to solve problems that we are presented with.


Finals are now within a week away.  Everyone is happy to have turned in their projects but that does not mean it is time for a rest.  Everyone will be cracking down once more to finish strong and ace those finals and wrap up what has proven to be a fantastic semester.


Matthew Gambril


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