MIS 330


Spring is officially here and summer break is just on the horizon.  But before we ride off into the sunset, there are still plenty of things we need to do in MIS.  Teams presented their various SQL topics throughout the week. It was a great chance to get to know more about SQL while getting some helpful tips and tricks for our project. For example we learned about things like CASE and PIVOT statements as well as the concept of stored procedures that will be very helpful for our project. The idea of public speaking, even for our small class, made me pretty nervous, but exercises like this week’s presentations are an excellent way to get practice.

Our team projects are stepping into high gear. With just two short weeks left until our deadline, our teams are busy at work building their database applications.  Our next deliverable is to submit our design documentation, complete with site maps, wire frames, data flow diagrams, class diagrams, and an executive summary of our project. With our database design implemented all that is left to do is build the application using C# in Visual Studios and our ideas will come to life.  The way this project is structured has forced us to put deliberate thought and consideration into our designs, we recently got an extension on this portion of the project because it is such a vital step to success. If I have learned anything from this semester it is that good design makes building and executing ideas much quicker and a lot easier.

I appreciate the emphasis that MIS 330 and CS 220 are putting on our team projects. While exams are very important to reinforce the concepts we are learning, many IT/IS professionals say that skills like time management, working as a team, and learning how to learn, were the most valuable skills they learned in school. After working on this fast-paced team project that requires a great deal of individual initiative and imagination, I have to agree. I am excited to see what my fellow classmates build as a solution to our Scholarship Application Project. In the meantime, it will be long hours at the computer working on our project and preparing for upcoming final exams.

Posted by Julie O’Brien


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