Overload Warning! CS120 (C++)

We are about half-way through the semester now and it seems we have hit that critical point where things start getting messy.  Our first two programming assignment were a breeze. The first allowed user input, ran a simple calculation, and output the answer.  Our second program had a sentinel controlled loop to allow the user to input all her business expenses and income before outputting her net income/loss based on her input.  Our third program was a basic introduction into functions.  We read in test scores, stored them in an array, and used our own functions to find the highest, lowest, median, and average of all the test scores before outputting our findings.  Assignment four’s deadline has graciously been extended.

This program has introduced several new concepts that many of us having trouble implementing.  First, we have learned to read data in from a file and output to a separate file.  This is no big deal, right? A simple sentinel controlled loop to read our data file and store the information in an array is simple.  We have created our own variable in this program too.  Even this is no big deal.  Structs were first introduced to us in the second or third week of class.  We have to use a function to find the maximum value of one field and a sort function that calls on swap to (obviously) sort the array based on one of its fields.

Today, Hooper introduced the concept of overloading.  He walked us through examples of overloading functions and operators.  After glancing around the class, I know I am not alone.  It seems we have been overloaded.  This programming assignment has thrown so much at us that we really needed the extra time to decompose and work through these new challenges piece by piece.  Once we understand how to put overloading into practice, I’m sure that our code can be simplified.  I’m looking forward to the time when we can look back on this challenge with understanding and a sense of accomplishment.

Jennifer (Jenny) Lee


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