MIS Courses: MIS 340

We are just over one month into the semester. This semester has been plagued with bad weather, so a few classes of MIS 340 have been cancelled. Now, that doesn’t mean we haven’t done anything! During the times we have met, Dr. Hogan has been able to cover the material effectively, so we are only one day behind. In fact, tomorrow is our first exam.

Most recently, we were introduced to local area networking, which assist in information sharing, like email, and resource sharing, like printers, servers, or software packages. Dr. Hogan also showed us the basic LAN components, which were a client computer, network cables, a hub or a switch, and a network server. We discussed different types of network cables, like unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, coaxial, and optical fiber. We went into detail on the internal structure of twisted pair network cables and how the twists in the wires help negate each wire’s magnetic field to prevent cross-talk. This knowledge allows us to better understand the structure of local networks.

J. Eli Mayfield, MIS Junior


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