Capstone Experience: Sterne Agee Data Governance


This semester we are working with Sterne Agee, a privately owned brokerage firm headquartered out of Birmingham. Currently Sterne Agee makes use of multiple databases and this use makes reporting tedious and time-intensive. Sterne Agee’s goal for this project is to support the deployment of this solution. The goal of our project is to support the deployment of a new “star schema” model as well to identify key areas of engagement and governance.

This deployment support has four key components. First, guidelines and the structure of a governance committee will be established that includes identified power players across all silos. Second, front line users will to be able to access and manipulate data through Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel will be integrated with MDS so that all data throughout the company will be updated in real time. Third, an implementation plan will be established to motivate and encourage front line users to utilize data governance processes and guidelines. Fourth, the governance committee and other front line users will be provided training aids (textual and video) so that the new system will be utilized effectively. By integrating these systems and establishing this committee, Sterne Agee will be able to ensure that users are able to access data from all databases in a consistent and simple manner.

For this project Sterne Agee has requested that we implement Microsoft’s MDS (Master Data Services) Excel Add-In. The Master Data Services Add-in for Excel gives multiple users the ability to update master data in a familiar tool without compromising the data’s integrity in MDS. Data remains managed in MDS while being able to be manipulated easily and efficiently through user friendly Excel. Leveraging existing Excel functionality to share your managed lists with others, knowing these lists can be secured and monitored with all of the features provided by Master Data Services.


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